About Us

Our story with Porsche goes back more than 30 years. In the late 1980s I was one of the owners of Mid-Engineering, which was exclusively devoted to the 914. We sold parts, made parts, worked on cars, etc. If it involved the little mid-engined car from Stuttgart, we probably were involved in it in some way. In 1989 one of the owners of that company left the business for personal reasons and the company closed. And, I went to college.

Fast forward more than 20 years. After a long break from playing with cars, I returned to the mistress of my youth: the Porsche 914. Since I couldn't find any Porsche shirts I liked, I created one myself. The first shirt we made has become a classic in the Porsche 914 community, the Save the 914 shirt. From there we produced other designs, and the business grew. We have also expanded our merchandise into other Porsche models and merchandise. Today we offer a wide selection of apparel and accessories. We also recently acquired Charlie Air Supply Company, which produces gear for aviation enthusiasts, with a goal to begin offering hand-made motoring gear. In that regard, we now offer our travel bags, all hand-made with authentic Porsche cloths.

Just Drive,

Steve Martin